leather glue, water-based eco friendly leather adhesive contact cement for leatherwork


HANDS DOWN the best adhesive we’ve come across in our 10 years of leathercraft! We have tried them all – and this is the one we use in our own leather goods shop.

Available in a handy squeeze bottle with a nozzle tip so you can easily apply it to your projects – no need to use a spreader stick or make a mess, just drag the tip along your project!

This premium, non-toxic, water-based adhesive is specifically designed for the manufacturers of fine leather goods. This amazingly strong contact adhesive is ideal for bonding various types of leathers including bags, shoe uppers, wallets, heels and orthopedic insoles. This adhesive utilizes the same basic application methods as solvent based cements, with the additional option of spray application.

Make sure surfaces to be joined are clean and dry. Spread a thin, even layer of the adhesive on one or both surfaces. Adhere together while glue is still wet. Continue to apply pressure to joined surfaces until glue has dried.

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5.1 fl oz / 150 ml

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Weight 6 oz


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